6rang, has officially joined The EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community – EL*C

We are proud to announce that 6rang (Iranian lesbian and transgender network) has joined the  EuroCentralAsian Lesbian Community _ EL*C (ILGA-Europe and ILGA-Asia). The EuroCentralAsian Lesbian Community is a feminist and intersectional network for lesbian* women. This self-sustaining and independent organization has been voluntarily active for the past seven years.

The group has been formed to advocate for the rights of lesbians, increase visibility, and raise awareness about their rights. To achieve these goals, they organize conferences to facilitate communication, share collective knowledge, find common ground, understand differences, and build bridges transcending national borders and spaces.

6rang is also committed to enhancing the visibility of lesbian individuals and challenging patriarchal power dynamics. They are aligning with the European and Central Asian lesbian organizations to navigate a common path. This collaboration undoubtedly contributes to increasing the international visibility of the Iranian lesbian community, especially regarding the criminalization of same-sex relationships and combating governmental discrimination and oppression against women in Iran.

It’s worth mentioning that in November 2022, Shadi Amin received the Visibility Award for Lesbians in Spain, awarded by this organization’s community sector, in recognition of her over a quarter-century of activism as a lesbian woman and for the LGBT+ community. This award marked the first-ever international recognition. During her speech at the ceremony, Shadi Amin dedicated her award to Nika Shakermi and her ideals after recounting Nika’s tragic story and murder.




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