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Hate Speech Against LGBT People Used to Create Fear of Protests, Report Finds

Hate speech and propaganda against the LGBTQ+ community were used during and after the nationwide anti-regime protests to spread fear of the protests, report finds. A report published by the Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network (6Rang) in March 2023 investigated the prevalence and context of official hate speech against the LGBTQ+ community.Silencing protests: Official hate […]

Elham Choubdar has been released from Urmia prison on bail

According to news received by 6Rang on March 13th, 2023, Elham Choubdar has been released after a one billion Rial bail was paid. This is great news. However, Sareh Sedighi Hamedani is still imprisoned due to failing to post a two billion Rial bail. Elham was arrested about a month after Sareh in Iran and […]

joint statement: 6Rang, Yeksani and 13 more Human rights groups Justice foe Doski Azad: Remembering the Murder of Doski Azad, a Trans Woman Lost to Hate, and calling for Justice

Doski Azad, a transgender woman of 23 years old, was killed last year in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan, in a horrific and senseless act of violence that draws attention to the persistent prejudice and marginalization experienced by the LGBT+ population in the area. Doski, a make-up artist and internet personality who was open about her transition […]


Zur diesjährige Gedenkstunde für die Opfer der NS-Diktatur im Deutschen Bundestag schreibt die Selbstorganisation „6rang – Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network“: „In diesem Jahr hat sich der Deutsche Bundestag zum ersten Mal am Holocaust-Gedenktag mit der Verfolgung, Ermordung und Folter von Homosexuellen durch das NS-Regime befasst. Bundestagspräsidentin Bas legte am Denkmal für die im Nationalsozialismus verfolgten […]

Appeal against LGBTQ+ activists’ death sentence accepted

After immense international pressure, appeals against the death sentences of two Iranian LGBTQ+ activists have been accepted. 6Rang has been informed that the two LGBTQ+ activists have had their appeal approved and their case sent to another court in Urmia for review. Elham Choubdar and Zahra ‘Sareh’ Seddighi Hamedani, who are currently awaiting retrial in […]

New platform to document violence against LGBT launches

A platform aimed to document human rights violations provide legal and psychological assistance to Iranian LGBTQ+ people launched on 19th of December 2022 in accordance with the rise of violence against LGBTQ+ people. This platform launch comes at a time when many LGBTQ+ people are involved in the protests taking place in Iran, and thus […]

The world speaks against Iran’s death sentences: #FreeElham #FreeSareh

Over 150 influential writers, artists, politicians, and citizens are calling for overturning the death penalty for two Iranian women who have been sentenced to death on charges of “corruption on Earth through the promotion of homosexuality”. Amid the executions of protestors in Iran, concern has been rising over the fate of Zahra Sedighi (Sareh), 33, […]