Trans Lives Matter

In commemoration of Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance, observed annually from November 13 to 20, the initiative aims to enhance understanding and empathy for transgender individuals and their challenges. During this week, we honour all the victims of transphobia and encourage you to share the difficulties you encounter as a transgender person.

Despite legal provisions for gender alignment and the recognition of transgender identity in Iran, transphobia still victimises many individuals. The absence of supportive laws has led to an increase in violence, suppression, and murders, with no legal recourse for registering and pursuing these acts as hate crimes motivated by transphobia.

Instances of transphobia and transgender killings are reported in the news and by LGBT+ organisations. Examples include the tragic incidents of Mahsa, a transgender woman killed by her father and brother in Shadegan, a city in the Central District of Shadegan County, Khuzestan province, Iran. 

And Siavash Biranvand was murdered by his father in Khorramabad, a city in the Lorestan province, Iran. There are also cases like the tragic end of individuals who could no longer endure the hardships they faced. Among them, Rebwar Ebrahimi, a 20-year-old transgender Kurdish woman from Marivan in the Kurdistan province, and Sadra, a transgender man, faced additional challenges due to immigration issues. These examples highlight the pressing need for increased awareness and legal protection for the transgender community in Iran and beyond.

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