Together, We Will Reach the Sea: 14 Years of Continuous Activity in 6rang – A Golden page from the History of Iran’s LGBT+

“6rang – November 18, 2023:Nearly 14 years have passed since the establishment of 6rang (Iranian Lesbian and transgender Network). As we celebrate the 14th anniversary of 6rang alongside you, we reflect on a year filled with ups and downs for the LGBT+ community and allies during monumental events such as the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ revolution. What emerges clearly is the importance of collective strength and organisation in our mission to advocate for the rights of the LGBT+ community across international platforms.

Since its founding, 6rang has endeavoured to be the voice of its peers who have contributed to  this network’s legitimacy through continuous, organised, and purposeful activities. Through active participation in nationwide protests and diverse campaigns, such as the ‘Will Testament’ and ‘Love and Hope,’ we have demonstrated to the world that not only is our existence undeniable, but also that we will continue to stand for our rights and demands throughout social conflicts.

Your extensive collaboration, ranging from sharing photos and videos to contributing valuable experiences and participating in campaigns like ‘Will Testament’ and ‘Love and Hope,’ all show a profound and earnest desire for positive change in the interest of human rights for all.

In our relatively short existence, especially after initiating the Turkish, Arabic, and Kurdish sections, 6rang has sought to amplify the voices of marginalised individuals, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, occupation, or age. Emphasising the intertwined and intersectional discriminations, we’ve focused on formulating and realising the demands of the diverse LGBT+ community. We firmly believe that without addressing the injustices all marginalised individuals face, democracy will not thrive.

Over the past 44 years, the Islamic Republic has attempted to extinguish hope within us and assert its unyielding power. At 6rang, we continue our mission of striving to create genuine hope, showcase the history of dictatorships in other societies, and highlight the successes of our counterparts worldwide. Relying on collective power and organisation, and by embracing elected leadership, we aim to make this approach a potent tool against an oppressive and demeaning system.

We believe in our strength. We believe in the inherent power within every aware and rebellious individual. And we know that our society will benefit the most from changing the current situation. Therefore, for solidarity, to support each other, and to sow the seeds of love and hope in hearts, we must seize every opportunity.

Together, we will reach the sea!

6rang (Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network)

November 18, 2023.”

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