Shadi Amin’s speech at the ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the Jina’s Revolution

at the invitation of “The Iranian Community in Germany”, “Future Youth Organization”, and the Federal Network for Civil Participation (BBE)

September 16, 2023, Shadi Amin spoke about the presence of the LGBTQ+ community in the Woman Life freedom revolution, the findings of the research report “War on Bodies and Minds”, retelling the experience of some members of this community who narrated the harassment of sexual and gender minorities in 6rang in the report, and also the campaign The hatred of the Islamic Republic (from the supreme Leader Khamenei to the president Raisi and others) is going on against the LGBTQ+ community.

She talked about how the regime tried its best to suppress the presence of sexual and gender minorities, especially Gay, Lesbian and same-sex attracted people, by labelling them as deviant, animalistic, and immoral in the revolution of Women, Life, Freedom, and persuading people to be against the LGBTQ+ community and their struggle. Other program speakers were Kurdish activist Keyvan Samadi, Hyberd Avadian from the Armenian community of Iran, Alina Bramal from the Bahai community, and Fatemeh Sadeghi from the Afghanistan community living in Iran. Also, the organisers of this event were the Iranian community in Germany, the “future” organisation (youth affiliated with the Iranian community in Germany) and the national network of citizenship participation.


This event was organised with the title “Jina Amini’s Legacy: Honouring Differences, Uniting Abilities” to strengthen solidarity.

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