Raising the issue about the violation against LGBTQ+ community and their human rights in the German Parliament

The Social Democratic Party hosted this conference at the German Parliament in Berlin In this conference, which hosted experts in the human rights of sexual and gender minorities at the global level, numerous panels were held to improve conditions in all parts of the world and to use the facilities and expertise of countries in eliminating discrimination and criminalization against the LGBT+ community.

Shadi Amin, the Executive Director of 6rang Network and an LGBT+ community rights activist, was one of the experts invited to talk about  the Middle East and North Africa region.

At the invitation of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, she raised the issue of the human rights of the LGBT+ community in Iran in two separate panels. In the first panel held in English for the international audience, she spoke about the 6rang “war on bodies and minds “report and the conditions of the LGBT+ community in Iran.

On this occasion, Shadi Amin has highlighted the findings of the 6Rang’s recent Report,  “War on Bodies and Minds” exposes severe deprivation of human rights on grounds of gender during the uprising. Shadi Amin has

Marking the one-year death anniversary of 22- year- old Jina –  Mahsa Amini who died while in custody of the ‘Morality Police’, the report will be unveiled today in a side event jointly organised by 6Rang, ILGA, and Justice for Iran at the United Nations Human Rights Council. The report reveals that the highest ranking officials in Iran classified the peaceful national protests as a ‘hybrid war’ initiated by Western states and Israel, and responded with total suppression by any means.

Based on extensive research and testimonies of 70 LGBTIQ+ persons who participated in the protests, the report unveils disturbing accounts of persecution and harassment based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

LGBTIQ+ protesters were subjected to aggravated violence, including sexual and physical abuse, as well as verbal harassment. They were targeted primarily based on their gender expression and/or real or perceived sexual orientation deviating from societal norms and standards.

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