Tragic Murder of Transgender Teen in Tabriz at the Hands of His Father

“Had Shamed Us with Feminine Behavior and Appearance in Tabriz”

Parsa, a transgender teenager from Tabriz, met a tragic end due to the “relationship with same gender.” According to the IRNA news agency, Parsa, who was barely 17 and considered a child, was killed by Parsa’s father for exhibiting “feminine behaviour and appearance” and engaging in “unethical relations with his same gender.” After committing the murder, Parsa’s father reported himself to the police.

Regarding the killing of his transgender child, Parsa’s father stated: “He would escape from home numerous times, and after a lot of turmoil and heartbreak, I would find him in a very feminine state. I took him to a specific doctor for treatment, and the doctor promised to treat him not with medication but with psychotherapy.” The overall stronger stereotypes in ethnic cities like Tabriz contribute to intensified violence against members of the LGBT+ community in Iran. The hidden wounds narrate the experiences of violence against sexual and gender minorities in Iran. According to this report, 62% of sexual and gender minorities have faced one or more types of violence from their own families.

Being a part of both the LGBT+ community and an ethnic minority simultaneously leads to a more intense and severe experience of discrimination. Reasons for this include the lack of access to educational content in the native language, dealing more with economic challenges, and a lack of investment in cultural and educational domains in these regions. Consequently, many people in Azerbaijan view issues related to sexual and gender minorities, including the concept of “transgender,” as entirely foreign and perceive this gender identity as a form of illness.

6rang extends its deepest condolences to the Queer Community of Azerbaijan and the LGBT+ community in Iran. As always, we stand in solidarity with them during this difficult time.


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