Execution of Innocent Individuals by the Islamic Republic’s Execution Machine

In yet another tragic incident, the Islamic Republic’s machinery of execution has claimed the life of two innocent human beings.

 Farhad Salimi, a Kurdish sunni political prisoner and Mohammad Ghobadloo, a 23-year-old prisoner who was detained during the suppression of widespread protests against the murder of Mahsa (Jina) Amini, was executed on the morning of Tuesday, January 23.

Mohammad Ghobadloo’s lawyer had previously highlighted numerous shortcomings in his client’s case, emphasising the need to consider factors such as the incomplete nature of the case file and his psychological disorders, including bipolar disorder, which required medical attention. However, disregarding these crucial aspects, the Islamic Republic carried out the death sentence, once again extinguishing the life of an innocent individual.


For over four decades, the Islamic Republic has maintained the highest execution rate globally, with women and LGBT+ individuals consistently falling victim to this oppression, living in constant fear of execution. 6rang strongly condemns the imposition of the death penalty on any individual. Our deep condolences and thoughts are with the family and friends of Mohammad Ghobadloo and Farhad Salimi, wishing them strength and resilience during these difficult times.

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