“Sex Change is Forced on Iranians with Same-Sex Desires”, Shadi Amin in an Interview With Swedish Radio

Shadi Amin and
Johan Bergendorff

Here you can listen to Shadi Amin’s interview with Johan Bergendorff (@JBergendorff) of the Swedish Radio. This programme discusses the pain and suffering of the LGBT Iranians because of the sex reassignment system in place in Iran.

Among other things, Ms Amin highlights the lack of free and informed consent in sex reassignment surgeries. Most of the people with same-sex desires have to choose between becoming criminal offenders for consensual same-sex conduct or gender non-conformity, or undergoing sex change medical procedures. The state of Iran sees their orientation or gender expression as a “disorder” that needs to be “cured”.

Most of the time these substandard procedures leave the patients scarred for life, physically and psychologically. The choice is sometimes between an imposed death penalty by the state or suicide after a substandard sex change surgery.

Link to the Interview

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