Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Women in Sport

November 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

Iranian women experience different forms of inequality in sports. One of these is the structural barriers that prevent women from equal participation in sports compared to their male counterparts.

In Iran, women are deprived of amenities and facilities that their male equivalents enjoy. This lack of independent facilities and safe environments holds women back. For example, there are few or no football fields for women to play football on. Sometimes women are allowed to use the facilities fields, rings, or gyms that are dedicated to men. However, such permissions are restricted to a limited number of hours and are often scheduled during unconventional hours that are not suitable for women given that in Iran late hours of the day are considered unsafe for women.

Mixed-gender entry of facilities and public venue is prohibited due to the ban on women’s entry to most public and social place.

Under such conditions, women’s needs and requirements are mostly overlooked or neglected.

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