Pride in Education 2020

June 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

Educate OUT Prejudice – Usualise LGBT+ content 

Live – Global – Virtual 

Schools OUT UK and Laila El-Metoui are working on this exciting conference: Pride in Education 2020. These organisers believe this conference is much needed at this particular time with Covid 19 and the ongoing racism and that young LGBT+ people in all their diversity are having a particularly bad time. The organisers are keen to enable educators to be informed on the issues and have the confidence and resources to support and encourage pride in LGBT+ youth.

Please go to this link and register for your favourite events.

The conference is to support anyone looking to queer the education system. There are over 30 panellists/presenters looking at LGBT+ inclusion and celebration from primary education to university and including LGBT+ published resources and LGBT+ migrants refugees and asylum seekers see HERE

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