Fighting for the “highest level of protection” for Iranian LGBTI asylum seekers in the Netherlands

February 19, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Dutch government has lowered the protection level given to Iranian LGBTI asylum seekers in the Netherlands on the basis of its official report on the situation of Iranian LGBTI persons, dated March 2019. This report, which also refers to 6Rang research among others, claims the overall situation of LGBTI people in Iran has improved.

However, as 6Rang argues in its letter to the Dutch government, this conclusion gives an interpretation that is neither meant by us nor reflects the reality of the lives of Iranian LGBT individuals and their community because the Iranian LGBT do continue to suffer from systemic and systematic discrimination and violation in all levels.

Shadi Amin, the director of 6Rang, was interviewed by De Volkskrant, one of the most widely read national newspapers in the Netherlands, which covered this story.

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