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May 17h was the international day against homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia. Perhaps the most publicized quote regarding homosexuals in Iran was Ahmadinejad’s words in Columbia university twelve years ago: “we don’t have homosexuals in Iran.” It truly reflected the situation of this community in the country back then. It’s existence was completely denied to the government simply didn’t have to deal with it. The Iranian LGBTQI community has always been faced with harsh treatments from law enforcement, including prosecution,  imprisonment, and execution.
Iranian authorities have noticed they can not deny the existence of a significant part of society. As a result, the denial of homosexuals has become less blatant and channeled into the pathologization of their minds and bodies. The government has tried to control the discourse around homosexuality through censorship, spreading pseudoscientific narratives and persecution of LGBTQI activists.
These comics capture the life and hardships of living in Iranian society as an LGBTQI member.
Mehrnoush/ 6rang

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